WooCommerce / Sample Implementation

Discover how to easily configure Wordpress to connect to our API

1/Setup your Server

A basic configuration to unleash your webshop.

2/Install WooCommerce

Enable needed features for WooCommerce

3/Install WP-AllImport

Setup the import plugin

4/Update the stock

Enable fast-stock refresh

Update the stock with our webservice


This section describes how to create another import job that will update the stock using the Stanley/Stella XML Webservice. The technical details of the webservice can be found on this page.

Create a new import

Go to "All Import > New Import" and :

  1. Click on "Download from URL"

  2. Copy/paste the following URL : https://login:password@webservices.stanleystella.com:7448/StanleyStellaWebservice/OData/StockOverview?$filter=Is_Inventory%20eq%20true

  3. Click on "Download"

  4. Select "Existing Items"

  5. Select "WooCommerce Products"

Click on “Continue to Step 2”, this shows the XML Structure of the file. Then clock on "Continue to step 3" to start mapping the fields.

WooCommerce addon setup

NOTE: depending on how you have setup your products, the below may slightly differ.

Leave everything as is and open the WooCommerce Addon part. Select "Simple Product" type (because each variant of a products has it's own SKU).

Click on "Inventory" and Select "Yes" on the Manage Stock block.

Then, open the node "Content" and "m_properties" then drag-and-drop the field "Available_Quantity" in the "Stock Qty" field.

This tells the plugin to import only the "stock" value for a product.

Finally, set the way the plugin will match results and which fields will update.

Set the match as follows:

In the "name" field type "_sku" (this is how WooCommerce refers to the SKU ref) and in the "Value" field drag-and-drop the SKU field

Select to update only existing posts with changed data to fasten the process

Select which data to update > Custom Field > type "_stock"