Naming Conventions

Understand how our files are put at your disposal to benefit at most of our automated features



General Information

All our products can be uniquely identify by using their SKU reference which is built as follows:

{StyleCode} {VariantCode}



Fields Description

{StyleCode} is a 7 character string



{VariantCode} is a 6 character string



The variant code is made of two parts, being

Additionnal notes

All these fields are available in the product table.


General Information

All colours are provided as *.png file. The list of available colours can be found in this excel table.

Colour Bullets

Color Bullet are provided as single file via the following URL :{ColourCode}.png

Zip Archive

A single archive containing all colour bullets can be downloaded from this link : 


General Information

All our pictures can be uniquely identified by using their name, which is built as follows.




All pictures are available in the following repositories:

  • High Definition :

  • Low Defition :

This picture can thus be found at :

Fields description

{PhotoCode} is a 4 character code that identifies the type of the photo.

  • The first character indicates if the picture is a Packshot or a Studio photo

  • The second character indicates if the picture is shot from Front, Back or Side

  • The third character indicates if the picture is a Main or Detail

  • The last character is the sequence (a number from 0 to 9)

In the above example, we can thus know that the picture we call is a packshot, shooted from front - and we know we will have a full image of the product.

{StyleCode} is a 7 character string. It is the same code used in the SKU

{ColorCode}, a 4 character string. It is the same code used in the SKU. Click here to download an excel file containing the list of colours. More information on colours can be found on this page.


Additionnal notes

The photo code does not contain any information regarding the size of the product.

All pictures are provided in *.jpg format.