Orders API

General Information

Stanley/Stella EDI is an FTP Service that lets you place direct orders (as text files) without need to log on our webshop. It is very convenient since after a one-shot development you will gain the ability to pass orders directly from your system, and get information back from us (like : order status update or financial documents)

The system mainly consists in three steps:

  1. you create a text file that suits the specifications below

  2. you upload it on our ftp server

  3. we process the file and create your order

  4. If anything goes wrong, you get an error file by EDI and email that gives you information on the error

When ordering by EDI, the same information as a classic order is also provided (you get the confirmation emails, shippings, etc...)


Preparing your system

The EDI is based on structured data and uses Stanley/Stella naming convention as described on this page. You can also get the list of codes by various other means:

Check the stock

The order you send us will be sent into our system "as is". If any reference is not available, it will automatically be set as "backorder" and shipped when available. To make sure the product is available it is strongly recommended to check the stock before placing your order.

That check can be done in various ways as described in our Stock API documentation

EDI File specifications

Because it is directly copied onto our system the EDI files you create should comply with the following specifications. Examples are provided below

  • File encoding : files are by default imported using ANSI Windows Latin-1 character encoding. Files can also be UTF8 encoded, but the file name must then end with UTF8:

    • filename.txt -> imported using ANSI charachter set

    • filenameUTF8.txt -> imported using UTF8 character set

  • File extension : .txt

  • Date format : DD/MM/YYYY

  • Decimals are delimited by a comma (123456,78)

  • The file contains one line per code

  • Each line starts with a code immediately followed by the hyphen character immediately followed by the field value (no spaces)

  • Optional fields should not be present if empty

  • Customer number field (0101) should match with the FTP username

  • No line should be empty

In order to correctly map your system with ours, please refer to this mapping file which gives extended information :

Download mapping documentation

File naming : YYYYMMDHHMMSS_SOYY_000000_INVOICED.txt

This file is created when your order is invoiced. It contains the same information as your paper invoice and can be used for automation purpose.

FTP Connection

You will need specific credentials to use that feature. You can request these by clicking here.

The host is ftp.stanleystella.com

The FTP folder structure is as follows


No No No
Not Used
Yes Yes
EDI File upload
Yes Yes Yes
EDI Messages
\Stock Overview Yes
No No
Stock (*.csv, *.xls)
fromCustomer folder
Place here your EDI files. Please note that one file = one order generated

toCustomer folder
Here we place our EDI replies and error messages.
We also place a file named "backorder.csv" that contains the list of your backorders, if any. This file is generated daily at 8am.

Stock Overview folder
This folder contains two files (one csv, one excel) providing information on our stock at item level. These files are updated hourly.

Debugging Common errors

When an EDI file is incorrectly build, the system doesn't handle it and sends out an error message. Please find here the most common ones.
The error needs to be fixed and a correct file needs to be resubmitted

This message indicates that the requested Item/Variant combination is currently not offered for sale - either because ther is no stock or because the product is discontinued.

You may wish to check the stock before placing your order, by using our stock webservice. Please refer to this page for more information on this service.